Updated 8/16/12 - You can still get your picture with Jaws at the photo op beside Lombards

Updated 1/2/12 - JAWS is now officially closed. 

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Continue reading below for more information on what this iconic Universal attraction once offered.

Jaws (Widescreen Anniversary Collector's Edition)
Location: Universal Studios Florida – Amity

Height Restriction: None, but children must sit on their own; lap sitting is not allowed

Age Appropriateness: Brave children and up

Seat Type: Bench seating in a boat

Ride Description: Jaws is a brief boat ride through the shark-infested waters of Amity. Your live skipper will guide you through the attraction on what begins as a sightseeing tour of Amity Harbor but – of course – goes terribly wrong. You receive a distress call from a fellow skipper almost immediately and turn the corner to see the completely destroyed remains of another boat…just like yours. The infamous Jaws shark soon appears and pursues your boat through the water. You get your first glimpse of the massive aquatic beast as his fin glides out of the water. You can then feel the shark begin to rock your boat as he takes interest in his visitors.

The skipper realizes it’s time to pull out that grenade launcher no one thought they’d need, but it doesn’t take long to realize that your friendly tour guide isn’t a very good shot. As you attempt to escape, you’re briefly trapped in Quint’s boathouse with the shark, and it surfaces menacingly alongside the boat. Once the skipper takes you out of the boathouse the battle really begins as your guide shoots at the quickly approaching shark, intent on making a snack of the guests. A wayward shot hits one of the (conveniently placed) gas tanks in the harbor and a wall of fire arises, blocking the boat off from its escape route. Fortunately, some (also conveniently placed) cables in the water come in between the shark and one of his final attacks, electrocuting him and allowing the boat to again attempt to make an escape.

This notoriously difficult-to-kill beast surfaces one final time as you’re leaving the harbor, but the skipper has by now figured out how to use the grenade launcher and delivers a fatal shot to the great white. Your last glimpse is of a badly mangled corpse floating in the water as you finally approach the dock. The entire escapade lasts only about 5 minutes, but packs quite the punch.

Getting Ready: Situate children who might get scared toward the center of the boat to make the ride less intense. Anyone old enough to sit can ride, but some children may get scared. You’re not permitted to hold anyone in your lap, so only take small children along if you’re sure they can handle it.

Worth the Wait: 30 to 45 minutes. The outdoor queue can get uncomfortable if you have to stand in line much longer.

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