Fievel's Playland

Location: Universal Studios Florida – Woody Woodpecker Kidzone

Height Restriction: None

Age Appropriateness: Toddlers to young children

Attraction Description: Fievel’s Playland is a larger-than-life playground for tots and children to run, climb, slide, bounce, explore and otherwise burn off their energy. The area is themed around the Fievel movies, An American Tale and Fievel Goes West, and everything is proportioned so that you’re the size of a mouse amid massive props like cowboy boots and reading glasses.

At the front of the playland you’ll find a series of overflowing water features and fountains which hint at the very distinct possibility of getting wet in this area. As you explore the maze of activities you’ll find a bounce area and slides appropriate for tots. Farther on is a massive web of rope nets that older kids can climb up. In the very back of Fievel’s Playland is a towering water slide that spans a total of 200 feet from the top to the bottom. Kids ride down in tubes, but are sure to get wet.

Several sections indicate the maximum suggested height for the activity – a refreshing change from minimum height requirements that kids often fall disappointingly short of. Though height restrictions aren’t strictly enforced, encourage bigger kids to steer clear of areas meant for the smaller set.

Getting Ready: Fievel’s Playland has both wet and dry activities, but kids will get the most out of it if they’re dressed in swim gear. Pack swim diapers for anyone who isn’t potty trained yet, and keep a towel on hand to dry off before you head on to other attractions. The Curious George Goes to Town play area also features water, so head there next before you change back into dry clothes if it’s on your agenda.

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