Universal Studios Orlando FAQs - How do Ride Lockers Work?

The Universal Orlando Resort offers a variety of attractions from roller coasters to water rides. Many of these do not allow loose items and therefore offer a free locker for the duration of the ride. To ensure the quickest and most enjoyable experience, it's always a good idea to be prepared for these restrictions before you hop in line.

Every theme park handles things differently and the rules that applied at Disney World or SeaWorld may not be in place here. These FAQs will help you navigate the Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure Attractions with bag restrictions.

If you have a question that's not answered below, feel free to email us. We'll write you back right away, and may even publish your question in a future post.

Can I take my bag/stuffed Minion/Butterbeer Mug/overly large camera on the ride?

If you're going into a show, yes. If it's a thrill ride, probably not. Any ride at Universal Orlando that doesn’t allow loose items offers lockers that are free while you are riding. A full list is provided below.

Which rides offer free lockers?

Universal Studios Florida

Islands of Adventure

How do the lockers know if I’m still riding?

There is a locker attendant located at each attraction locker area, and this person monitors the current wait time. When the wait time for the ride goes up, they adjust the amount of free period accordingly.

My locker won’t open unless I pay. But I was on the ride. Help!

At each attraction locker area, there is a locker attendant. Find this person and explain your situation to them. Chances are there’s a reason why you went over your time, such as a brief attraction down time. The attendant is able to see how long your belongings have been in your locker, and they are more than willing to assist in getting your stuff out.

What sorts of things should I leave in my locker?

Anything that doesn’t easily fit in your pocket should be left behind. Things like glasses, wallets, cell phones, and shoes can all come along. In fact, of all of these things, definitely bring your shoes. Guests must have their shoes and shirts with them at all times while riding rides at Universal Orlando.

Is there an alternative to using the lockers?

If your entire party is riding, you'll need to place all your loose belongings in the lockers provided. If you have someone who's staying behind, it may be easier to leave your items with them. Parties with a child who is too short to ride can leave their bags with the person who's waiting with the child. This allows you to keep your diaper bag and other essentials with you while you're waiting in line - a must for long wait times with small children.

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