PYQ at CityWalk

The newest addition to CityWalk is a fantastic little shop called PYQ (pronounced "pick"). This small store is like a brick and mortar Perpetual Kid with a dash of the apartment wares typically found in shops like Urban Outfitters thrown in. You'll find all the bizarre and awesome little gadgets you didn't know you needed till you entered, but can't live without when you leave.

If you want a taste of PYQ from the comfort of home, shopping online at the sites mentioned above will give you a great sample of this type of merch. The finger monsters that you'll find in a glass jar at the counter at PYQ are often known to stow away as a surprise extra in Perpetual Kid orders.

To find PYQ, turn right when you get to the end of CityWalk's main drag and you'll find it on the right as you're headed to USF.

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