Jaws to Close at Universal Studios

Universal Studios has officially announced that the popular JAWS attraction will be closing in just one month. January 2, 2012 will be the last day visitors can have a go on this iconic attraction. Upset fans of the attraction have already shown up in the parks bearing shirts with a simple pleading message to save Jaws.

The demise of this attraction won't be for naught, however, as Universal has already indicated they have plans underway for a new attraction to replace the Amity area. While no official announcements have been made, rumors are running rampant about the possibilities.

The favorite rumor seems to be a second Harry Potter expansion. This area would then be connected to the Hogsmeade and Hogwarts part of the Wizarding World via a real live ride on the Hogwarts Express. This would be a massive undertaking, however, as the original Wizarding World is located in Islands of Adventure, not Universal Studios Florida. To accommodate this type of expansion, Universal would need to either admit guests to both parks under a single ticket or install a second admissions gate at each platform for the Hogwarts Express.

With the Lost Continent rumored to be another area on the chopping block for more of Potter, we have to wonder just how far Universal can push the franchise before it gets to be too much. If both areas were truly taken over by Harry Potter themed attractions, its hard to imagine the rest of the attractions in the parks serving as much more than side shows to the main event, while fans who aren't rabid for Potter would be hard pressed to avoid it.

The second rumor running rampant about this expansion is that the area will be used for a Transformers attraction similar to the one already underway in Hollywood and Singapore. This would be a much more manageable undertaking and would serve to give the park more diversity than riding a singular Potter track to success.

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