Super Hero Island Fruit Stand

Location: Islands of Adventure – Marvel Super Hero Island

Healthy snack options still aren’t as prevalent in theme parks as mindful parents might want them to be, so any opportunity to grab something more wholesome than a bag of popcorn or ice cream cone is welcome. You can’t miss the giant “Fruit” sign emblazoned over this snack stand. Though it still offers up pretzels, churros, soda and chips it does have a selection of the promised fruit for a healthy snack that’s still sweet and delicious.


Fruit Cup - $3.39
Whole Fruit - $1.29
Grapes - $2.49
Churro - $2.99
Pretzels - $2.99
Cheese Sauce - $.79
Chocolate Sauce - $1.00
King Size Chips - $2.79

Coke, Coke Zero, Diet coke, Sprite, Barq’s, Hi-C Pink Lemonade
Regular - $2.69
Large - $2.99
Collectible Souvenir Cup - $8.99
Souvenir Mug Refills - $.99
Energy Drink - $4.25
Bottled Beer - $6.00
Minute Maid Apple Juice - $1.99
Zephyrhills Bottled Spring Water - $2.75
Bottled Beverages - $2.59
Powerade - $2.89

** Menus and pricing are subject to change at any time **

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