MIB Gear

Location: Universal Studios Florida – World Expo

If you’re a “Men in Black” fan, this store will offer up some of the best souvenirs you could ask for. Though “Men in Black 2” is nearing its 10 year anniversary, the popular concept of alien-chasing secret agents isn’t dead. ”Men in Black 3” is scheduled to hit theaters in May 2012. Until publicity for the new film really kicks into gear, this could still be one of the few places you can find all the movie-themed goodies that have long since left most toy store shelves. The MIB Gear store offers everything the sharply dressed extraterrestrial watcher could need.

Our favorite picks at this store are the pieces that put together an agent’s essential arsenal. Pick up your neuralyzer, noisy cricket, tuxedo shirt and classic MIB-branded shades for a full ensemble. Fans of plush souvenirs can grab Frank the tuxedo-clad pug (If you want to spot Frank in person, be sure to check out the Animal Actors on Location Show). For something more specific to the theme park experience, you’ll also find a wide selection of tees with movie characters and film quotes.

Make sure you don’t miss the little room set off at the back of the store for those neon pieces that glow under a black light.

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